Her Sister Bought A House On The Verge of Being Condemned, And Now Her Sister Is Mad At Her For Not Wanting To Help Fix It Up

contrastwerkstatt - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman’s sister doesn’t take her guidance to heart, even when she gives helpful suggestions.

Recently, her sister was hoping to move and find a different school district for her children to attend. Unfortunately, the district her children are currently enrolled in experiences a lot of gun violence and gang-related activity, so the schools don’t have high-quality education.

So, she advised her sister to buy a small house that was in good condition rather than a house that needed a lot of work.

“She decided she was going to sell her house and buy a smaller fixer-upper in my neighborhood. The house was on the verge of being condemned. There were serious electrical and plumbing issues, as well as many others,” she said.

Her sister told her that the idea was for her husband and his father to work on the house before the move-in date.

Sadly, not long after the house sold and they had a date by which they had to be moved out, her sister’s husband’s father suffered a stroke. He obviously now has to focus on recovery and can’t do any physical labor. Meanwhile, her husband doesn’t know as much as his father does about fixing electrical or plumbing problems.

“The issue is that I’m actually good at fixing things. I originally went to trade school to be an electrician and worked for a bit before I decided to make a career change,” she explained.

Currently, her sister is overwhelmed because she doesn’t know how she and her husband are going to fix all the issues with the house they bought before they have to be out of the house they just sold. If they don’t have the problems resolved, their family won’t have electricity or running water.

“She wants to spend every weekend before their move-in date going over there to work on the house. I work 12-hour shifts, and the last thing I want to do on my days off is to bust my butt fixing up her house for nothing. My sister has never done me any big favors, and honestly, she’s kind of unreliable, so I know if the tables turned, she wouldn’t help me,” she shared.

contrastwerkstatt – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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