Her Sister Is In A Psych Facility, But She Doesn’t Want To Help Care For Her New Baby

“My sister admitted herself to the hospital and got Baker-acted and sent to a psych facility. Her baby is with her husband, but he plans on dropping him off at his parents’ until my sister gets out of the hospital,” she shared.

Now, her parents are constantly criticizing her for not helping her sister take care of the baby. However, she doesn’t comprehend why she should be expected to spend any time she has off work cleaning her sister’s house or doing childcare. She feels like if the tables were turned, her sister wouldn’t help her if she needed it.

Up until now, she’s had a close bond with her parents, and she and her sister don’t have much of a relationship at all, so she’s frustrated that they’re so angry with her.

She also has no plans to have a better relationship with her sister in the future. She pointed out that while some people may not understand the concept of not helping family members, she doesn’t have a bond with her sister, and she only views her as a person with whom she shares genes and nothing else.

After all of this tension, she hopes that her sister will change and that her nephew will have a safe upbringing. She is planning to pay for her parents’ Airbnb so that they can come and help her sister with the baby, but she knows that they, unfortunately, won’t accept her offer. In her eyes, this is the best that she can do to make a positive impact.

Do you think she was wrong to refuse to help her sister with her baby?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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