Her Sister Recently Got Divorced But Kept Snooping On Her Ex-Husband’s Email Account, So She Finally Logged Her Sister Out, And Her Sister Is Now Furious

Rido - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman’s sister was only married for a year and a half before getting divorced about two months ago. And she admits that she cannot even imagine how hard it must be for her sister right now.

However, her sister’s ex-husband used to login to his account on her sister’s laptop. So, her sister has continued checking her ex-husband’s email account every single day and providing her with “updates.”

For instance, her sister will fill her in on whether or not the guy is online shopping or joining dating apps.

Not to mention, her sister also keeps pretending that she’s still married whenever coworkers ask about her ex.

“To be fair, their marriage only lasted about one and a half years, so my sister feels embarrassed to tell her colleagues,” she explained.

“But I told her to just let the cat out of the bag because she’s only causing herself undue stress.”

Aside from the email obsession, her sister has apparently been doing great otherwise. In fact, her sister recently purchased a home and began personal training.

Yet, every few days, she receives an update about what her sister’s ex is doing online. Then, whenever she tries to tell her sister that this behavior is not healthy, her sister claims that checking the guy’s email is not affecting her and swears that she isn’t attached to him.

So, even though she keeps telling her sister to just log out of the email account and mind her own business, her sister refuses to listen.

Rido – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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