Her Stepsister Melted Down Over The Friendship Bracelet She Got With Her Best Friend

Dudzenich - illustrative purposes only

Have you ever felt closer to a best friend than you have a sibling or stepsibling? 

One teenager is unsure of what to do after her stepsister has revealed to be super jealous of her relationship with her best friend, to the point where she doesn’t want her to wear her friendship bracelet anymore.

She’s 16-years-old and has always been extremely close with her childhood best friend, Summer, who’s also the same age. They’ve known each other since they were two years old and have stuck with each other through hard times.

“When we were about eight, Summer’s mom took us to get these really cute friendship bracelets,” she explained.

“They’re real jewelry, not the kid kind. They were a little big for us back then, but we did grow into them perfectly.”

She wears her friendship bracelet all the time and deeply cherishes it.

Six years ago, her dad married her stepmom, and she gained a stepsister, Elizabeth, who is also 16. While she and Elizabeth get along, she never grew very close to her. However, Elizabeth always wanted them to be closer and have a strong relationship but had a bad way of expressing those feelings.

Instead, Elizabeth grew increasingly jealous of her relationship with Summer over the years.

“Elizabeth doesn’t have many friends, and I don’t think any of her friends are actually close,” she said.

Dudzenich – illustrative purposes only

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