His Mom Got His Boyfriend A Job At Her Office, But His Boyfriend Missed The Start Date Twice, And He’s Furious That His Boyfriend Tarnished His Mom’s Reputation

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This 28-year-old guy and his boyfriend, who is also 28, have been dating for one year. But, out of the past 12 months, his boyfriend has been unemployed for eight.

This made their lives extremely stressful as his boyfriend continued struggling to find a job. However, he eventually spoke to his mother about it, and she was actually able to land his boyfriend a weekend job at her office.

“Where she’s been for 35 years and is set to retire at the end of this month,” he said.

So, his boyfriend interviewed there and actually landed the job! Sure, it was not his boyfriend’s ideal position, and it did not start for another month, but it was a job that paid nonetheless. And this was going to allow his boyfriend to start paying some bills and contributing to household expenses.

Well, during the month leading up to the job’s start date, his boyfriend was actually offered two other full-time jobs.

“And they were jobs that aligned better with his career goals. This was perfect,” he explained.

“My boyfriend started his full-time job yesterday.”

However, his boyfriend recently showed him an email thread with a recruiter from his mother’s office, and he found out that his boyfriend had first missed the start date twice.

The first time was two weeks ago, and his boyfriend rescheduled it. Then, his boyfriend wound up missing it a second time and emailed the recruiter– informing them that he had accepted another role at a different company that better fit his career goals.

Suteren Studio – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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