His Mom Got His Boyfriend A Job At Her Office, But His Boyfriend Missed The Start Date Twice, And He’s Furious That His Boyfriend Tarnished His Mom’s Reputation

This seriously shocked him, and he was embarrassed by how his boyfriend had interacted with the people from his mother’s company.

“My mother– who I barely have a relationship with– went out of her way to help us,” he reasoned.

“She spent the last days at her humble job of 35 years advocating for a job for a new boyfriend of mine, who missed his start date twice and who didn’t even have the courtesy to send a timely email to the job to let them know he had found something else.”

That’s why he’s now really upset about his boyfriend’s actions. They spoke about what happened with the job, too, and his boyfriend tried to apologize. His boyfriend also claimed not to know how he missed those start dates.

“But this time, sorry doesn’t feel enough. This feels like a hug slap in the face,” he vented.

So, he pointed out how it wasn’t exactly a secret that his boyfriend wasn’t thrilled about the job opportunity. However, he claimed that his boyfriend didn’t need to disregard the people who were helping him the minute he found a better position.

Since then, he has not spoken to his boyfriend, either. And now, he’s been left wondering whether he’s acting like a “drama queen” or if he really has a right to be upset about his boyfriend missing the start date twice.

Can you understand why he’s so upset about his mom’s reputation being tarnished at work? How would you feel in this situation? Does he have a right to be angry?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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