She Called Her Former Bully Repulsive After He Tried Recently Asking Her Out On A Date

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This 18-year-old just started college this year.

The university she attends is located outside of the province where her hometown is, so she didn’t think she’d see many of her old high school classmates in college.

But she ended up running into someone from her high school named Thomas, 18, at her university.

“To say Thomas and I had a difficult past is an understatement. He tormented my friends, especially me, during our preteen years and for the first two years of high school,” she said.

“He would always call me the most hurtful things and was your typical bully. I don’t know why he hated me, though I think he probably thought I was an easy target.”

During 11th grade, Thomas finally stopped bullying her and her group, and some of her friends said that maybe it was because he had reformed himself.

Then, during college orientation week, she saw Thomas, and he came up to her and said hi. She said hi back, and they talked for a bit. She did her best not to engage too much during the conversation.

While they were talking, she found out that he was going to be in the same program she was in, and they were going to be living in the same dorm building.

She noticed that Thomas appeared to be thrilled that he’d be able to see her around more often, and he told her, “It was nice to see a familiar face.”

PAGE7 Photo – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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