She Feels Terrible And Humiliated That She Can’t Afford To Attend Her Friend’s Destination Wedding

MeganMahoneyPhotos - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Last year, this woman’s close friend sent her a message to ask her if she would attend her wedding if it were in another country.

At the time, she said she definitely would because she thought that the cost of traveling to a destination wedding would be financially feasible for her and her partner.

This year, however, that changed.

“My partner and I just bought our first home, and things are very tight. The invitations to the wedding went out, and my friend asked me if I was coming,” she explained.

“I told her, in all honesty, the flights were around $1,100 plus lodging (implied: gift, good, other travel), that I was incredibly sorry but that I likely wouldn’t be able to swing it.”

“She encouraged me to reach out to her other friends attending and to ask if I could room with them and said her parents were covering the hotel for the two nights of wedding festivities.”

She told her friend that she would look into that, and she did.

“However, we have thousands of dollars in home repairs coming up. I work for a nonprofit, and my boyfriend works for a restaurant. We spent all of our savings on this house. It would be incredibly financially irresponsible of me to go to this wedding,” she said.

Two weeks later, her friend contacted her again to ask if she was going to make it. She sent her friend a thoughtful, kind, sincere message saying that she wished she could go, and if she could, she definitely would attend, but right now, unfortunately, she couldn’t afford it.

MeganMahoneyPhotos – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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