She Wants Her Boyfriend To Get Rid of An Old Photo of Him And His Ex-Girlfriend, But He Isn’t Ready To Toss The Keepsake Yet

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This woman and her boyfriend have only been dating for about five months. But she is already living with him in his apartment, and they are gearing up to move into a joint apartment together.

Apparently, certain life circumstances just rushed this step in the relationship.

Everything still seemed fine, though, up until about a week ago, when her boyfriend needed some help with something.

The favor she was asked to do required her to go into one of his dresser drawers, so she did. And in the process, she discovered an old photobooth-style photo featuring pictures of him and his ex-girlfriend.

For context, her boyfriend claimed that he and his ex broke up after two years due to a “lack of effort” on his part. Back when they were dating, her boyfriend reportedly did not want to change for his ex.

However, he swears he is different now and does not care for his ex anymore. Instead, he claims that he only loves her.

Still, she didn’t like that her boyfriend was holding onto mementos from relationships past, so she spoke up about her feelings.

“I told him I had found the photos, and it made me uncomfortable for him to keep it, especially if it means taking it to our new place together,” she recalled.

Her boyfriend tried to point out how the photos just represented a memory that he cherished. So, he really wanted to keep it as a “reminder of his past.”

GTeam – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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