She Wants Her Roommate To Get Rid of Her Cat After He Badly Scratched Her In The Face

Alena Ozerova - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or cat

Several months ago, this woman’s roommate discovered a kitten abandoned on the street and took him in.

The cat is now 4 or 5-months-old, and at first, she was completely okay with the cat living at their apartment because she adores cats. Coincidentally, she has a cat, too, but right now, her cat is living at her parents’ house for the time being.

“The point is, I am NOT a cat hater and consider them to be my favorite animal,” she said.

The majority of the time, her roommate makes sure that the cat is in her bedroom, and she keeps her door closed when she’s not in the room so that the cat doesn’t run around the apartment and claw the furniture in their living room or kitchen. She hardly ever sees the cat besides when she and her roommate are both hanging out together in the same room, and the cat is around.

Since he’s still technically a kitten, he’s a ball of energy and “a little crazy,” which her roommate has even acknowledged.

A couple of days ago, she and her roommate were relaxing in the living room after coming home from a restaurant, and her roommate had let her cat out of her bedroom.

“My bedroom door was open, so he immediately sprinted in there to explore, as he usually does when given the opportunity. Because of the way our apartment is laid out, the couch is about three to five feet away from my bedroom door, with the back of it facing my door. I was sitting on the couch sideways, with my head sort of leaned against the back of the couch,” she explained.

At one point, her roommate had gone to coax the cat out from under the bed where he was currently hiding. From the couch, she could see the cat, and her roommate then tried to tempt the cat with a toy.

“I wasn’t really paying the situation much attention and was still having a conversation with her when suddenly, the cat was RIGHT in my face. I was shocked for a second before I registered pain and blood in my mouth. In the span of a second, he sprinted out from under my bed, crawled up the back of the couch, and clawed me in the mouth,” she shared.

Alena Ozerova – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or cat

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