She Went On A Date With A ‘Self-Proclaimed Nice Guy,’ And She Was Terrified He Was Going To Try To Follow Her Home That Night

Kaleb continued trying to defend himself to Mandy, saying that he would treat her right and that she just didn’t appreciate what he had to offer, among other things. Mandy responded that they had just met, and he was being too pushy.

She stopped responding to him soon after, but he kept texting. At one point, he accused her of hiding the fact that she had a child even though she had been upfront about it the entire time.

Then, he proposed that they start over and hang out again. He ended up backtracking when she didn’t reply and stated that she wasn’t worth dealing with.

Unfortunately, he unmatched with her on Hinge before she could report him. In the caption of one of her videos, Mandy wrote a warning to those on Hinge: “Pls ladies in DFW, avoid a 32-year-old named Kaleb at ALL COSTS. These texts are beyond concerning.”


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