She’s Been Hooking Up With Her Best Friend’s Husband Ever Since Her Best Friend Ruined Her Own Marriage By Cheating With Her Husband

Evgenia - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman had known her best friend for nearly 35 years, and they treated each other as though they were sisters.

Yet, about two years ago, her best friend completely stabbed her in the back. One day, she walked into her bedroom and found her best friend cheating with her husband.

“It ended my marriage, and I was heartbroken,” she recalled.

“Me, her, and our husbands were very close friends. Now, we are nothing.”

Her best friend’s husband, however, chose to stay with her best friend. Apparently, if he got a divorce, he would basically go bankrupt– which limited his options following the infidelity.

Still, she and her best friend’s husband started talking about what happened to both of them after she discovered the cheating. Then, they eventually became pretty close friends.

“He was the only one who truly understood what I was going through,” she explained.

Over time, their friendship also started to progress to something more, and one day, they ultimately hooked up.

Her best friend’s husband even claimed to love her, and she thinks that she loves him, too.

Evgenia – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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