She’s Unhappy That Her Boyfriend Joined Another NFL Draft On Their Special And Expensive Anniversary Trip

rohappy - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A few days ago, this 20-year-old woman and her boyfriend, 23, celebrated their one-year anniversary.

She and her boyfriend planned a big trip to Universal Studios. They booked a room at a fancy hotel, and this was all pretty costly, so they each paid half of the trip expenses.

They checked into their hotel room on a Monday and were planning to check out on Wednesday.

“My boyfriend loves football…duh…and he’s already in one league with some work buddies, and they see each other often, so I understand that he might feel a little left out if at work they’re all talking about it and he’s not in it (they’re doing the draft pick on Wednesday night),” she said.

She was okay with him doing the draft pick on Wednesday night because they’d already be checked out of their hotel and going home, but she knew her boyfriend would be really tired since they’d probably be drinking a lot over their three-day anniversary trip.

However, her boyfriend has some work friends from one of his previous jobs who are also doing an NFL league that he wants to be a part of, and they’re doing their draft picks on Monday night, which is the first night of their anniversary celebration.

“I got some spicy clothing to make him feel special, and I’ve already eyed out over a dozen restaurants, so we can go eat when we get out of the park,” she explained.

The draft pick on Monday night starts at 8 p.m. and will last for about two hours, and her boyfriend told her that he wants to participate in this second league.

“I think it is completely inappropriate for him to do that on our first night of this anniversary vacation,” she shared.

Not only is this trip special because of their one-year anniversary, but she also was hoping to soak up their time together before her boyfriend starts working full-time and is less available to hang out. Up until now, he’d been working two days a week, but he will soon start working five days per week.

Understandably, she was looking forward to this trip so that they could spend time together just with the two of them.

rohappy – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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