The Comfort Binge: Why We Can’t Stop Rewatching Old Shows We’ve Seen A Hundred Times

When looking at it through the lens of mental health, rewatching the same shows can also serve as a coping mechanism. Familiar media content is able to give us a sense of belonging and social interaction, even when we are alone.

But, on the flip side, leaning too heavily on the comfort of reruns can become problematic if it replaces authentic human interaction or prevents us from stepping out of our comfort zones.

Escaping The Decision Fatigue

It’s also important to keep in mind that every day, we make hundreds of decisions– from the mundane to the critical.

So, when it comes to leisure activities, the last thing we want is to expend more mental energy deciding what to watch.

That’s why choosing a tried-and-true show (for me, it’s Gilmore Girls) can relieve us from that decision fatigue and let us get straight to the unwinding part.

Watching Comfort Shows: Is It Good Or Bad? 

As with many things in life, moderation is key. Rewatching old favorites can be comforting and beneficial to mental well-being, but only if you balance it with other forms of engagement and relaxation.

That’s why it’s best to consider it as one of the tools in your emotional wellness toolbox. It’s not the only one, but it sure is a handy one to have.

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