When His Girlfriend Found Out That He Never Told Her That He Works With His Ex, She Asked For Some Space

Yakobchuk Olena - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Four years ago, this 30-year-old man got into a relationship with Jenn, 30, so they were both 26 at the time.

They met through work, but he didn’t think there was a conflict of interest because neither of them was the other’s manager. Their relationship lasted for nine months, and they learned that they just didn’t mesh well romantically. It was a mutual breakup, and luckily, there were no hard feelings between the two of them.

After the breakup, he and Jenn both kept working in their respective positions. He was a full-time employee while she worked part-time. Throughout their workdays, they almost never ran into each other.

But when he did have to communicate with Jenn, they were kind to each other and stuck to small talk and didn’t discuss their personal lives at all. He and Jenn never texted each other after the day they ended their relationship.

Six months ago, Jenn accepted a job offer at a different company.

For the last year and a half, he has been in a relationship with Alexis, 30, and they were both 28 when they started dating.

Their relationship has been steadily progressing in a positive direction, and they’re planning to move in together soon.

A couple of days ago, he and Alexis were out and about and took a drive an hour away from their hometown. On the drive home, they started talking about ex-partners.

Alexis recounted a tale of unexpectedly seeing one of her ex-boyfriends and how uncomfortable it had been, and they both had a good laugh about it.

Yakobchuk Olena – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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