Carve Some Tiny Pumpkins To Act As Bowls To Seriously Elevate Your Fall Charcuterie Boards

TikTok - @vanitymakeup

Fall is now here, and there’s no better way to welcome its arrival than with festive foods. Embrace the spirit of the season by giving a culinary classic a creative twist.

TikToker @vanitymakeup is demonstrating how she uses tiny pumpkins to set the stage for a show-stopping fall charcuterie board.

Her delightful presentation showcases miniature pumpkins alongside an array of scrumptious treats. Whether you’re hosting a cozy dinner party or a Halloween bash, this fall-themed charcuterie board will make an excellent centerpiece!

Pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes, so you’ll need to choose ones based on the dimensions of your board.

In the video, the creator uses mini white pumpkins that perfectly complement the rest of the spread, creating a playful mix of fall shades.

Aside from enriching the color palette, the elegance of the white pumpkins adds depth and intricacy to the board.

The pumpkins she selected are the appropriate size for her round wooden board and have flat bottoms, which allow them to sit upright. Here’s how she carved them for presentation.

First, she used a knife to cut off the tops of the pumpkins, creating the lids. Then, she scooped out the innards with a spoon and filled the pumpkins with jams and fruit.

You have the option to replace the lids on the pumpkins or leave them off. Putting the tops back on the pumpkins can add a bit of whimsy and charm to your board.

As guests lift the lids, they get to uncover a pleasant surprise. So, not only do the pumpkins serve as decor, but they are also functional, as they can be used for holding various food items.

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