How To Decorate Your Home In The Art Deco Style

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Art deco interior design is a style that’s fitting for those whose tastes lean more toward jeweled tones and ornate decor.

Art deco peaked in the 1920s. During this time, it was considered to be the epitome of glamor, elegance, and chicness.

Picture the extravagant furnishings, sweeping staircases, and sleek and shiny floors of the Great Gatsby’s mansion to gain a better sense of what art deco entails. Streamlined geometric patterns, striking colors, and metallic accents are the foundation of art deco interior design.

When decorating with art deco, it’s necessary to incorporate plenty of geometric shapes and natural themes, placing an emphasis on vertical lines, pointed edges, and symmetry.

The 1920s was a decade of change, and geometric shapes represented the shift in cultural ideals and social standards.

Patterns with arches, trapezoids, semi-circles, and zig-zags would fit right in an art deco home. Curved armchairs made of velvet are one of the design’s key features. Additionally, include animal elements, such as a zebra print rug, wallpaper with a feather print, and a swan sculpture.

Colors commonly used in art deco are black, white, silver, and gold. Bold hues also have their place. Think of bright yellows, deep reds, greens, blues, flashy pinks, and purples.

These jeweled tones should be paired with a more muted color palette to soften the look. Creams and beiges will take a bit of the edge off the loudness of art deco style.

Art deco style also contains lots of metallic accents that provide a glossy, reflective quality to rooms. Chrome, silver, stainless steel, and gold are usually present in this style, lending a luxurious feel to any space. For example, add polished doorknobs, chrome lighting fixtures, or a gold-framed mirror.

FollowTheFlow – illustrative purposes only

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