She’s A Nurse, And The Hospital She Works For Claimed She Was Overpaid, So Now They Expect Her To Give Back A Whopping $8,288

Photo 212684927 © Aaron Amat - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Unfortunately, wage theft is common in the United States. Every year, billions of dollars are stolen from hard-working employees across the country. Losing money that is rightfully yours is a debilitating experience.

One woman has found herself the victim of wage theft, and she’s sharing her story on social media in the hopes that someone can help her get back every cent she has earned.

TikToker @lexi.luthorr is a nurse, and she’s asking viewers for advice on what to do after the hospital she works at informed her that they had overpaid her and needed her to give back $8,288.

During a system-wide shutdown at her emergency room last year, the medical records system and time-tracking software they used both stopped working. As a result, she and her coworkers were forced to write down their hours by hand.

The hospital “guesstimated” how much they were required to pay her and sent out three to four months’ worth of paychecks.

This happened in October of 2022. Now, a year later, the hospital is claiming that she and her coworkers were overpaid and demanding that they return the funds they owed.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had a paycheck that’s actually correct from this place. If I did my job the way they did, I would have a trail of dead bodies behind me,” she said.

She stated that the hospital wants $8,288 back from her and that she “definitely doesn’t owe them that.”

She went on to explain that the hospital would be taking the money out of her paychecks, meaning that she would essentially be working for free for about two months.

Photo 212684927 © Aaron Amat – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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