Masquerade Weddings Exude Elegance And Extravagance: Here’s How To Achieve This Intriguing Theme For Your Very Own Big Day

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There are so many wedding themes out there that it’s easy to get a little lost and confused when trying to plan your own.

If you tend to like weddings, parties, and celebrations that are on the more festive side, you should consider a masquerade wedding.

You may have heard of a masquerade ball, and a masquerade wedding is very similar. Instead of a general celebration involving masks and extravagance, it’s a celebration of your marriage!

Masquerade weddings are a great choice for couples who aren’t afraid to party, enjoy some excitement, or receive all kinds of attention. They’re also perfect for any couples who may have larger guest lists, as a masquerade is often associated with a large party.

These weddings are inspired by masquerade balls from the medieval and Renaissance eras, complete with beautiful masks, fancy decor, and a lot of whimsy. Having a masquerade wedding is an excuse to bring your fairytale fantasies to life!

When booking a venue for your masquerade wedding, you’ll want to look into larger and more elegant spaces like ballrooms or historic mansions. Booking a historic venue that can hold all your guests is an excellent choice for these kinds of weddings, as they often have so much character.

Everyone attending your masquerade wedding should be prepared to wear something that falls under a black-tie or formal dress code. Think of long, elegant dresses made of luscious velvet or satin, tuxes, bow ties, rich colors, jewel tones, etc.

Then, of course, there’s the masks! You can’t call your wedding a ‘masquerade wedding’ and not wear any masks. The bride, groom, and even the wedding party can enter the reception in glamorous, special masks, while guests can bring and wear their own throughout the night. If you have the means, you can also provide your guests with masks!

Masquerade weddings are often celebrated in elegant dim lighting, so see if you can make that happen at your venue. You may want to consider making your decor as extravagant as possible, not shying away from mirrors, tall floral arrangements with various textures, velvet fabrics, and rich, dark colors.

Elena – – illustrative purposes only

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