She Ghosted A Guy Who Wound Up Being Her Doctor In The Emergency Room, So She Gave Him A Second Chance But Decided To Cut Him Off Again After A Super Awkward Second Date

Svetlana Sokolova - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Crossing paths with someone you’ve ghosted is always awkward, especially since you were probably hoping you’d never see them again. If you think seeing the victim of your ghosting at the grocery store is bad enough, try running into that person as you’re being treated for a medical emergency.

TikToker Rori (@rori_b) is discussing how the guy she ghosted was her doctor at the emergency room. Then, she gave him a second chance and ended up cutting off contact with him again.

Five years ago, she was in a toxic on-and-off relationship. Following one of her breakups, she got onto a dating app and matched with a guy. They went on a date, which went well, so she decided to accompany him back to his house.

Unfortunately, it was all downhill from there. The situation turned weird and embarrassing, so they both ghosted each other afterward.

A few months later, Rori had to go to the emergency room for a “feminine problem.” And her doctor was the same person as the guy she went on a date with!

She hadn’t been aware that her date was a doctor. Luckily, he maintained his professionalism and didn’t mention anything about their previous date.

The next day, Rori’s mom fell and broke her wrist. Rori had to take her to the emergency room, and the same guy just so happened to be their doctor again.

When he pulled Rori aside to discuss her mom’s medical treatment, he asked how she had been. She joked that he had seen her for hours last night as she cried in pain, so of course, she wasn’t at her best.

He took her humor as an invitation to drop his professional mask and ask her out on another date. Now that Rori knew he was a doctor, she accepted. Their second date went smoothly, and there was zero awkwardness until they eventually returned to his house to hook up.

Svetlana Sokolova – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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