This Washington Teen Told His Grandmother That He’d Had An “Epiphany” Before Strangely Vanishing In 2016: His Car Was Later Discovered Drifting Across Three Lanes Of Traffic On The Interstate

Nathaniel Gonzales - - illustrative purposes only

Can you imagine how it would feel to learn that your missing loved one’s car was moving across an interstate, but they weren’t in it?

That’s what happened to the family of Logan Schiendelman, a young man from Washington who hasn’t been seen since disappearing in 2016.

Logan was raised by his maternal grandmother, Ginnie, and attended Tumwater High School growing up. He briefly went to college at Washington State University after graduating in 2014 but dropped out after his freshman year and moved back home to work several jobs.

Logan allegedly started going through some hard times leading up to his disappearance. He had broken away from some of his high school friends and didn’t have many friends from his college days. 

Apparently, Logan had also had an emotional meeting with some of his paternal relatives not long before he went missing, who were not a part of his life when he was a kid. 

Then, on the morning of May 19th, 2016, while his grandmother was getting ready for work, 19-year-old Logan allegedly began telling her that he had an “epiphany,” but he didn’t get the chance to elaborate as Ginnie had to get to work and asked if they could continue their conversation later.

Tragically, that would be the last time she saw him.

Later that evening, when Ginnie returned home, she noticed Logan was gone. When she checked his phone location, she saw it was near his mother Hannah’s house, so she figured he was safe and visiting with his mom.

Logan still didn’t return home to his grandmother’s the next day, but his car was found.

Nathaniel Gonzales – – illustrative purposes only

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