A Team Of Archaeologists Recently Uncovered An Ancient Greek Building And A Collection Of Long-Lost Treasures Among The Ruins Of A Sunken City

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Recently, a collection of long-lost treasures and an ancient Greek building were found among the ruins of a now-sunken city located off the coast of Salamis, a large island in Greece.

In Homer’s Iliad, it was referred to as the home of Ajax, a heroic warrior who fought in the Trojan War. His bravery, strength, and skills on the battlefield were second only to Achilles.

A team of twelve archaeologists from the Greek Ministry of Culture came across the partially submerged artifacts during an underwater excavation project in the area.

The excavation began in 2022 when researchers set out to investigate the remains of the large, narrow building on the northeastern side of the island.

They determined that the structure was a stoa, which is a covered walkway lined with columns, commonly for public use.

The presence of stoa reveals more information about how the ancient city was organized. By the second century, the city had already started to deteriorate.

The stoa was 20 feet wide and 105 feet long. Seven small rooms were connected to it, and one of the rooms contained a storage area where treasures of bronze coins, vases, and marble fragments were uncovered.

Two of the marble fragments were of major significance. One of them was a finger broken off of a marble statue.

The other depicted the image of an arm belonging to a giant figure placing a wreath on top of a smaller, bearded man’s head.

abayuka10 – – illustrative purposes only

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