Her Boyfriend’s Parents Requested A Paternity Test On Her Newborn, And He Agreed Behind Her Back

Photo 124789722 © Ales Utouka - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 21-year-old woman and her boyfriend, who is also 21, have been dating for about four years. She also recently gave birth to their first child together– a baby girl.

But no one in their family even knew that they were expecting. Instead, she and her boyfriend opted to keep the news a secret until she gave birth and made sure that her daughter was healthy and happy.

“Due to worries about complications, as I faced a high-risk pregnancy,” she said.

So, it wasn’t until after her daughter arrived that she told both her family and her boyfriend’s family. But while her family was over the moon after learning about her baby, her boyfriend’s family had a more sour reaction.

In fact, they even started questioning the real reason why she had hidden her pregnancy at all.

“They’ve always heavily disliked me and believe I’m just with their son for money,” she revealed.

Regardless, she and her boyfriend decided to take their daughter to meet both of his parents just two days ago. And while the visit started off with some polite small talk, it quickly went sideways.

All of a sudden, her boyfriend’s parents claimed that they would be conducting a paternity test on her baby. They also admitted that her boyfriend had already agreed to the test!

Now, at that moment, she just agreed, too, and went along with it because she didn’t want to make herself look suspicious.

Photo 124789722 © Ales Utouka – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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