He’s Searching For A Girl To Travel Across Europe With Him And Is Even Willing To Cover All Vacation Expenses

Photo 101977853 © Dan Grytsku - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Would you ever consider going on a vacation with a stranger? TikToker Benjamin Kosinski (@bennyykosinski) has plans to go to Europe, but he doesn’t want to make the trip alone, so he’s looking for a girl who is willing to travel with him.

He has had a terrible experience with meeting girls from dating apps in New York, so now, he has revised his strategy, turning to TikTok for help.

“I feel like every girl I met on Hinge and Raya was either an aspiring Instagram model or a nurse from Philadelphia,” he said.

He added that he would be covering the costs of the flights and hotels and didn’t expect the girl to contribute to these particular expenses.

They would be leaving from New York City and traveling to Stockholm, Lisbon, and Copenhagen. Once they arrived in Europe, they would be staying at a fancy hotel in Lisbon.

Then, he listed off the criteria that the girl must meet. Ideally, she will be between the ages of 27 and 32.

In addition, she should be fun-loving, charismatic, confident, and beautiful. Before deciding on who to take with him, he will hold video calls with potential girls to “confirm mutual interest.”

Many women flocked to the comments section to express their enthusiasm and willingness to go on the trip, with some joking that they needed to check with their husbands first.

Others were a little more skeptical about Benjamin’s offer since it seemed too good to be true and questioned why he had so much trouble with dating.

Photo 101977853 © Dan Grytsku – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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