She Caught Her Mom Cheating On Her Dad, So She’s Refusing To Let Her Mom See Her Son Again

Khorzhevska - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Over the Fourth of July weekend in 2022, this woman and her son got together with her parents.

They spent the day at the lake, and when they were driving back to their resort, her father was driving, and her mother sat in the passenger seat. Her son was sitting behind her father, and she sat behind her mother.

During the drive, she saw that her mother was texting someone and had the screen cover open in an attempt to hide the conversation from her father.

This looked pretty suspicious, but she didn’t think there was anything serious going on until she began to peek at the conversation her mother was having.

Her mother was texting steamy things to another man. Understandably, she was furious with her mother, but because her son was in the truck at the time, she didn’t want to cause a scene in front of him.

Instead, she waited to confront her mother at the end of the weekend to find out if she was interpreting the situation correctly.

In the meantime, whenever her mother was texting on her phone, she made sure to take the opportunity to peek, and she continued seeing even more concerning, flirtatious messages.

“So, I confront her over text with my dad in the room, to which she denies everything (I’m not shocked), so I tell her she needs to tell Dad. After that, I went to bed and stayed silent. When we left on Sunday to head home, she hadn’t told him,” she said.

Her father works the night shift, and at this point, she was allowing her mother to help her out with her son.

Khorzhevska – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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