She Got Super Upset When Her Family Relit Her Birthday Candles To Sing For Her Younger Cousin At Her Own Birthday Dinner

anaumenko - - illustrative purposes only

This 17-year-old girl has a younger cousin, who is 5-years-old, and their birthdays are only one week apart. So, her cousin’s parents are always trying to celebrate their birthdays at the same time.

“Or whenever I do something for my birthday, my cousin’s parents like to make it all about her,” she said.

This year, though, she decided to just have an intimate family dinner with her family. Everything seemed to be going well, too, until the birthday cake was brought out.

At first, she was actually really happy since her whole family seemed to be having a great time.

“And I don’t usually enjoy my birthdays because it usually has something to do with my cousin, too, so to have a birthday for me was nice,” she added.

However, after her family sang Happy Birthday and she blew out her candles, she realized that the party wasn’t just for her after all.

All of a sudden, while she was pulling the candles out of her own birthday cake, she heard her cousin’s father– her uncle– start claiming that they needed to “relight the candles.”

“You won’t get to see your cousin on her birthday before Christmas, so just relight them and sing happy birthday again,” her uncle reasoned.

Now, this just made her really annoyed, and she tried to tell her family that she didn’t want to do that. However, no one backed her up. Instead, they just claimed that since her cousin was “just a kid,” it didn’t matter.

anaumenko – – illustrative purposes only

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