She Told Her Friend, Who’s Been In An On-And-Off Relationship, To Get A Prenup Before Tying The Knot And Her Friend Was Really Offended

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This 34-year-old woman is a divorce lawyer and has known her friend Vera, who is 35, ever since they were in college. Vera had also been on and off with her 30-year-old boyfriend, Kai, for the last year.

Nowadays, she, Vera, and Kai are all a part of a larger group of friends that started during college. However, she isn’t that close to Vera anymore, and all she really knows about Kai is what she’s heard from Vera.

“And I’ve met him briefly a few times this summer,” she added.

Anyway, Vera owns a very successful business, and her friend also got a large inheritance after losing her grandma. And while she doesn’t know much about Kai’s finances, she does know that he definitely doesn’t earn as much as Vera.

Kai also lives in a “poorer area” and was recently laid off right before Christmas.

According to her, Vera and Kai’s relationship has been pretty tumultuous over the last year. In fact, they were only officially together for four months in total, and Kai even dated his ex-girlfriend for around six months while he was on a “break” from Vera.

“So I am not sure how stable they are as a couple,” she said.

Yet, after only being back together since the start of December, Vera and Kai got engaged. Vera just called her the other day to share the news about the proposal and their engagement, too.

At that point, she congratulated Vera before asking some “standard” questions about the engagement ring and Vera’s wedding date.

insta_photos – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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