She Went On A Second Date With A Guy Who Just Made Her Tag Along For His Daily Routine, Which Included Walking His Dog And Awkwardly Watching Him Do Pushups

sepy - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

It’s bad enough to have a crummy first date, but what’s even worse is having an amazing first date only to realize that the guy is a total jerk the second time around.

TikToker Erin Mae (@erin__mae) went on a second date with a guy that consisted of him doing his daily scheduled activities and chores the whole time, such as his workout routine and dog-walking. He even wanted to make a trip to the grocery store, but that’s when she finally put her foot down.

On Halloween in 2020, Erin’s friend was on her phone, scrolling through social media when Erin suddenly spotted a cute guy on the screen. She made her thoughts known, and her friend admitted that she and the guy, Mike, would actually be a good match. She encouraged Erin to follow him on social media, so that’s what she did.

Almost immediately, he followed Erin back and sent her a message saying she was cute and that they should go on a date. Since they were still under lockdown during that time, they started with a FaceTime date.

For their first date, Erin had the idea of making each other’s favorite cocktail beverages so they could have something to discuss over the phone. Her favorite drink was a Mai Tai, and his was an old fashioned.

Their date went super well, and they even talked about how excited they were about what it meant for them. A couple of days later, they decided to meet in person. When that day came, Erin texted him, asking what time she should head over to his apartment. He answered back, saying that she could come over whenever she wanted.

She arrived at his place at 5:30, but he wasn’t ready yet, so she had to sit and wait for him for thirty minutes. Finally, he went downstairs to greet her, wearing a tracksuit. His dog was also on a leash, and the leash was wrapped around his waist. As they headed toward his apartment, he sped ahead, leaving her trailing behind in his wake.

When they reached his apartment, he offered her some water. At the same time, his roommate, Jack, emerged from the hallway and offered her a beer. Mike glared at Jack when Erin chose to have a beer. After she received her drink, Jack returned to his room.

Then, Mike announced that he hadn’t had the chance to do his workout routine that day. He played a song called “Put Your Records On” and looked at Erin expectantly while he did pushups on the ground.

sepy – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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