She’s A Hairdresser On A Mission To Provide Sensory-Friendly Haircuts To Children Who Need Them Using Her Mobile Salon

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Some people sometimes forget just how difficult small, everyday tasks and activities can be for people with sensory issues or sensitivity. 

For instance, if a child has sensory issues, Autism, or sensory processing disorder, something like getting a haircut can be a very triggering or challenging experience.

One hairdresser is working hard to help give those children a better experience in the stylist’s chair through her mobile salon, Peace & Love Studios.

Angelica “Jelly” Robinson is a hairstylist who realized she had a passion and gift for cutting children’s hair from a young age. The child of two hairstylists, she grew up in salons and would offer to style her classmates’ and cousins’ hair for fun.

Then, while she was a student in hair school, she was one of the only people in her class willing to cut children’s hair.

When she noticed some children had difficulty sitting in her chair, and some were afraid of getting their haircut for one reason or another, she set out on a mission to change that experience and make it fun for them.

After graduating from hair school, Jelly learned more about working with children as she was hired at a children’s salon. She took a training class with a program run by the foundation Autism Speaks to learn more about helping children with the disorder.

She did a lot of research and spoke with families to understand sensory issues and sensitivities to develop her training further. 

Jelly is said to have a natural gift for making children, especially those with special needs and certain sensitivities, feel comfortable and safe while getting a haircut. So, she decided to open a mobile salon, which she named Peace & Love Studios so that she could offer her special services to children all over. 

petrrgoskov – – illustrative purposes only

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