Strangers At A Store Kept Referring To Her Son As “They,” Despite Her Correcting Them About His Pronouns Multiple Times, And It Really Upset Her

Photo 90746095 © Georgerudy - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

In recent years, pronouns have been a controversial topic. On the surface, pronouns seem simple. They are used as a way to describe someone’s gender.

But when it comes to gender identity, things get complex and even political. People have differing views on how others should identify themselves, and that may lead to misgendering.

For many transgender and non-binary individuals, being misgendered is a daily occurrence. Misgendering is the act of calling a person by the wrong pronouns when talking to or about someone. When people are misgendered, they feel invalidated and disrespected.

That’s how one mom felt when the wrong pronouns were used to address her cisgender son. TikToker Bridget Beck (@bridgetjbeck) is talking about her annoyance with some strangers she ran into at the store when they continued referring to her son as “they,” even though she subtly corrected them multiple times.

Now, she’s wondering if she’s in the wrong and is seeking validation from viewers.

So, while she was at the store with her son, a couple approached her to comment on how adorable they thought her baby was. They greeted her with, “Oh my goodness, they’re so cute. How old are they?”

She replied that he was one-year-old, making sure to emphasize the “he.” As the conversation went on, the couple kept using they/them pronouns when alluding to her son, asking if “they” were an only child. She told them he was the youngest out of her four children.

Then, the couple asked, “What’s their name?” She informed them that his name was Declan, and they responded by remarking on how much they loved that her baby’s name was unisex.

At that point, Bridget was extremely annoyed and was starting to get really angry.

Photo 90746095 © Georgerudy – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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