This Sad Love Story About Lemon Pie Has Gone Viral For Making Millions Of People Cry

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Many people have been writing and sharing love stories on social media apps like TikTok and Instagram.

Some of the most popular stories are written as text message conversations between two people, and they often take sad turns.

One of these stories was written and posted by the account @sappoop, and it’s gone quite viral, with over seven million views and one million likes. It’s a story about lemon pie, and it’s making people cry.

The story starts with a girl, whose nickname is ‘Lemon,’ sending a text message to her boyfriend.

Out of the blue, she tells him they need to break up. He’s taken aback and asks her why and if he did something wrong. She tells him he’s perfect but that her heart was “in no condition to love.”

“What does that mean?” the boyfriend asked. “Lemon, you’re not making sense. Do you not love me anymore?”

“I love you more than you could imagine,” she responded. “Which is why I have to break up with you.”

Then, the girlfriend and boyfriend reflect on how she got her nickname, Lemon. The boyfriend’s mom had caught her stealing lemons from their lemon tree beside their driveway and scolded her.

He had gone outside to calm down his mom and let her keep the lemons. So later, she baked a lemon pie for him and his mom to share to say sorry.

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purposes only

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