Calico Jack Was One Of History’s Most Infamous Pirates, And He Sailed The Caribbean Sea During The Early 18th Century

Photocreo Bednarek - - illustrative purposes only

One of history’s most infamous pirates is Captain John “Calico Jack” Rackham. He sailed the Caribbean Sea during the early 18th century, terrorizing anyone who crossed his path while wearing brightly colored calico clothing.

Most successful pirates preferred to dress in silk and velvet attire, but Rackham opted for calico cotton from India, which is how he earned his nickname of Calico Jack. His choice of clothing was not the only thing that made him stand out from other pirates.

He was also known for having two female pirates in his crew, something that was rare to see. They fought alongside him until he was finally captured.

While he was not the best fighter, he had a bold and cunning personality, which allowed him to rise through the ranks and cement his reputation as a pirate legend.

Calico Jack was born John Rackham on December 26, 1682, and died on November 18, 1720. Not much is known about his early life.

He first appeared in written records in 1718 as a crew member of a pirate ship named the Ranger. He was the second in charge and was tasked with the responsibility of disciplining other crew members.

Charles Vane, the captain of the Ranger, wasn’t popular with his crew, so everyone decided to make Calico Jack the new captain.

A month later, they encountered a Jamaican merchant ship they wanted to plunder. Calico Jack and his crew managed to snag the precious cargo, but since they were so close to shore, plenty of witnesses saw the event take place. Bounty hunters were hired to capture the pirates.

Calico Jack and his crew avoided capture and decided to head to Nassau in the Bahamas, where the new governor had issued an amnesty deal stating that pirates who turned themselves in could live as free men as long as they gave up piracy.

Photocreo Bednarek – – illustrative purposes only

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