She Gave Her Baby Her Stepdad’s Last Name, But While He And Her Mom Are Proud, Multiple People Are Saying She Didn’t Consider Her Biological Dad’s Feelings

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Sometimes, the adults who end up loving you most and taking the best care of you aren’t the ones who are biologically related to you.

One woman recently decided to give her baby her stepdad’s last name, as she’s a single mom, and her biological father is not in her life. Unfortunately, she’s getting a lot of criticism for her decision.

She’s 25-years-old and has been through a lot at a young age. Ever since she was born, her biological father has been in and out of her life, but out for the most part. While she knew who he was and where he lived, he wasn’t involved in raising her.

When she was nine, her mom married her stepdad, and he instantly became a genuine father figure.

“My stepdad raised me, loved me, took care of me, taught me, [and] showed up for me,” she explained.

“I got married at 19, and I requested that my stepdad give me away. He did, and it meant the entire world to me. Unfortunately, my husband and I separated, and I had to move back home.”

When she and her husband separated, they had two children and split custody. At the time, she knew her biological father had a nice large house and hoped he would be willing to take her in for a while and heal their relationship, but he wasn’t.

Although her mom and stepdad hardly had any room, her stepdad built an additional bedroom in their home just for her and did whatever he could to make her comfortable.

Nine months ago, she had another baby with a different man, who is not in the picture. Therefore, her baby needed a new last name.

morrowlight – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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