She’s Been Spending Less Time With Her Roommates Ever Since She Got Pregnant, And They Called Her A Bad Friend

Seventyfour - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

As if being pregnant wasn’t difficult enough, it’s hard to imagine being involved in friend drama during a pregnancy.

One young woman feels like she’s losing her two friends, who are also her roommates after she told them she was pregnant.

She’s 23-years-old and has been living with her two friends, who are the same age.

A few weeks ago, she signed a lease on a new apartment with one of her roommates, and they were due to move in at some point in September. Then, she found out she was 10 weeks pregnant. It was very unexpected news as she didn’t know the father that well.

Not long after finding out she was pregnant, she told her roommate that she’d need a little time to figure out whether or not she could actually commit to living in their new apartment because she wasn’t sure what she’d do about the baby.

“She repeatedly followed up, which made me feel uncomfortable and like she was pressuring my decision,” she recalled.

“I communicated this to her, and she denied this, saying she would never ask me to prioritize something like a lease at a time like this and that my decision is so much bigger than a lease. [But] she continued to follow up, demanding information about doctor’s appointments and timelines, and spoke with our realtor behind my back about my possible inability to follow through. I just wanted it to be over and forfeited the lease.”

After forfeiting the lease, she hoped everything would be alright. When she told the baby’s father about the pregnancy, he was compassionate and reassuring, so she felt like she would be okay with raising a baby with him.

She figured her friend and roommate would be alright with everything, as during her thinking time, she kept saying she’d be alright whether she decided to forfeit the lease or not.

Seventyfour – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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