He Ditched His Girlfriend On The Side Of The Road After She Confessed To Cheating On Him Multiple Times

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Sometimes, when you find out your partner has cheated on you, you feel like you never want to see them again.

One man recently left his girlfriend in the woods with no ride home after she told him she cheated on him while they were overlooking a scenic view.

He and his now ex-girlfriend are in school together and have been dating for three years. They were very much in love and had plans to move in together once they graduated.

“We have a routine [where] after I finish work, we’ll grab some food and go to a spot in the woods that overlooks a river [and] we talk about our day and eat our food,” he said.

“We do this about twice a week. It’s about a 20-minute drive from her place and a two-hour walk through the woods.”

Last week, while they were at their special spot in the woods, his girlfriend suddenly started crying and told him how much she loved him. Then, she broke the shocking news that she had cheated on him. To make matters worse, she cheated on him several times with one of her guy friends who she goes out with in a friend group.

“I never join them as drinking [and] clubbing as it isn’t my scene, but I’ve met them all a few times,” he explained.

“The guy has always been a bit of a [jerk] and tried to start a fight with me once when I picked her up, and they were drunk, so it all makes sense. She said it had happened multiple times, it was a drunk mistake, she didn’t mean it, etc. I instantly lost all respect and love [for] her.”

When his girlfriend finished confessing and venting, he got up to get in his car and leave. She tried opening the passenger door to go with him, but he didn’t let her in his car. There was plenty of cell service in the area, and the sun wasn’t due to set for a few hours, so he told her to call her new boyfriend for a ride. Then, he drove away and left his girlfriend in the woods.

den-belitsky – – illustrative purposes only

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