He Intentionally Gave His Parents A Wedding Invitation With The Wrong Time And Address On It Because He Didn’t Trust Them Not To Invite The Rest Of His Family, Who He Doesn’t Speak To

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Do you have any friends or relatives who are so “chronically late” to events that you sometimes have to give them an earlier start time for things so they show up on time?

One man recently gave his parents separate invitations to his wedding that listed a different start time and reception venue address so they wouldn’t show up late or try to invite anyone else.

He has a very complicated relationship with his family. He hardly speaks to his parents or siblings because of a complex family history, but everyone prefers it that way.

He recently got married and met his wife in nursing school. Before the wedding, he told her he didn’t want his parents to attend their wedding.

“My wife was cool with that as we paid for everything ourselves, so they didn’t really have any say in the matter,” he explained.

“I did inform them that we were getting married. They begged to come. I agreed on the condition that they couldn’t tell anyone else, much less add to our guest list. I did not trust them. So I had the printers make up a few ‘test prints’ with the wrong place and time [listed]. I gave two of these to my parents. I told them we were hosting with an open bar, and I reiterated that they were not to tell anyone.”

He had a cousin of his “babysit” his parents on his wedding day to ensure they got to the church on time for his ceremony. They did, and everything went beautifully, so the fake invitations worked.

However, it didn’t take long for his parents to learn that he didn’t list the real reception address on the invitation and asked him to give it to them before they headed over there.

“I said that wasn’t happening [and] they were welcome to either come as guests or leave,” he recalled.

katyshka – – illustrative purposes only

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