Her Husband Asked To Separate On Their 14-Year Anniversary And Admitted To Cheating, Then Got Angry That She Moved On So Quickly After He Left Her

Liubomir - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

It’s hard enough to imagine breaking up with someone you’ve been with for more than ten years, but it’s even harder to imagine breaking up with them on your anniversary.

One woman entered a new relationship six weeks after her ex dumped her on their 14th anniversary, and now he’s mad at her for moving on “so quickly.”

She and her ex-husband are in their late 40s. They had been together for 14 years and decided to book an international trip for their 14th anniversary.

They had only been on their trip for two days when her husband admitted he needed to get something off his chest despite the inconvenient timing.

“The night before our anniversary, he brought up that he wasn’t very happy in the relationship but didn’t know why,” she recalled.

“The next morning, I asked to look at his phone, and he said no. He said I would find ‘flirty’ messages with one or more other women on it. He had made some female friends through school and work, and he said he felt like there might be someone out there who was a better fit for him.”

She told her husband she didn’t want to go through an official separation with him, as she believed that if they gave up right away and separated, it’d be nearly impossible for them to work on their relationship. However, he told her he needed to separate from her.

So, they rebooked their flights to get home earlier, and as soon as they returned to their place, her husband began packing up his things and left. A week later, he showed up back at their house and wanted to give marriage counseling a try.

“The counseling was not helpful, as he was defensive and not open to it,” she said.

Liubomir – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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