Her Sister Kept Trying To Sabotage Her Relationship, So She Uninvited Her Sister From Her Wedding

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It can be devastating when family members don’t show us support regarding our careers, friendships, or relationships. At that point, creating some distance for yourself is a good idea.

One woman recently decided to uninvite her sister from her upcoming wedding after she’s been making rude comments about her fiancé and trying to sabotage her relationship.

She’s 27-years-old and has been with her 29-year-old fiancé, Jake, for five years. They’ve had a very solid relationship, and she’s thrilled to marry him.

She has a sister named Lily, who is two years older than her. Growing up, she and Lily were always close and had a great dynamic. Lily has always been more extroverted and likes being the center of attention, while she’s a lot more shy and was always happy to let Lily have the spotlight.

Unfortunately, her relationship with Lily has changed since she and Jake got more serious.

When Jake and I started dating, Lily was thrilled, and we all got along great.

“A year ago, things started to change [when] Jake got a promotion at work, which allowed us to buy a house,” she explained.

“This seemed to trigger something in Lily. She started making snide comments about how I was ‘lucky’ to have found Jake and how I wouldn’t have been able to afford the house on my own.”

“I tried to brush it off, thinking she was just having a rough time. Then, at a family gathering, Lily got drunk and told everyone that Jake had hit on her when we first started dating.”

TenWit – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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