His Cousin Started Talking About Child Immunity During A Family Dinner, So He Called Her Out For Not Being A Pediatrician

oneinchpunch - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This man is currently married, and he and his wife have a 10-month-old baby together. Last month, he also attended a family dinner, but he didn’t appreciate his female cousin making remarks about how he should care for his child.

For some context, his cousin works as an internal medicine physician. While they were eating, he and his family began debating at age what it would be appropriate to take a newborn to a social event like a wedding or holiday gathering.

Apparently, the topic had come up because they’d recently seen a 3-week-old baby at a wedding.

“And I said that I personally wouldn’t have taken my child at that age,” he recalled.

“I said that I probably wouldn’t have brought my kid to anything younger than 3 months because babies that age don’t have a robust immune system yet. Mostly the words of my pediatrician, not mine.”

But, being that his cousin is a doctor, she countered and provided her own opinion. She claimed that big events are precisely how babies build up a strong immune system.

“I’m a doctor, and that’s what I would recommend,” she added.

In his mind, though, his cousin’s opinion is irrelevant since she doesn’t work with kids. So, he actually responded by saying that she’s not a pediatrician, and it quickly made the dinner awkward.

After that, the conversation came to a halt. Then, about a week later, his cousin called him and accused him of hurting her feelings with his comments.

oneinchpunch – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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