His Fiancée Doesn’t Want Him To Wear A Handmade Bracelet His Sister Gave Him At Their Wedding

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This 27-year-old man and his fiancée, who is also 27, have been together for three years, and next month, they will finally be tying the knot.

However, he wants to keep a piece of his older sister with him on his wedding day, and his fiancée is strangely against it.

For some context, both he and his sister – who is 29 – had a “pretty terrible” childhood. They both lived with just their emotionally abusive father, so they both endured a lot of trauma.

“He shouted at us a lot and made us cry many times. We are now no contact with our dad,” he explained.

But, when his sister was just 13-years-old, she decided to hand-make two bracelets.

“One for each of us, each with a mix of blue beads and green beads, which were our eye colors, and we made a promise then that we would wear it the rest of our lives,” he recalled.

And since then, they both have. Sure, he does take the bracelet off from time to time while he’s at home. However, whenever he’s out and about, he always wears the bracelet – despite some people believing it’s a little childish.

“My sister, too, has worn hers constantly over the last decade and a half,” he added.

So, throughout his relationship with his fiancée, she’d obviously seen and known about the bracelet. While she had no issue with it in the past, though, she actually wants him to remove it for their wedding day.

gladiusstock – – illustrative purposes only

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