Sage Green Theory Says That This Calming Hue Is The Go-To Home Decor Color That Most Couples Can Agree On After Moving In Together

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When I moved into my first apartment after graduating college, what I refer to as my first ‘adult’ apartment, I unconsciously settled on a sage green motif for my bedroom. I selected a sage green throw blanket and some sage curtains.

The same goes for my living room, as my roommates and I admired some sage green decor items.

Then, I learned through social media that I was not alone. Sage green has taken over the world of home decor and design and is now one of the safest colors to select when building your home solo or with a partner.

It’s understandable why sage green has become such a popular color for interior decorating. It’s gender-neutral, it goes with a lot of other colors, it reminds us of nature, and it’s calming yet optimistic at the same time.

There’s also the ‘sage green theory,’ dubbed by TikTok creator Avery (@averybrynn1), who predicts that as women move in with their boyfriends and start designing their homes, sage green will come into the mix somehow.

“There will be a day; you will not see it coming,” says Avery in her viral video.

“[You’ll be] trying so badly to make his Dallas Cowboys memorabilia go with your Serena and Lily decor [and] inevitably, you are going to turn to sage green. You are not alone; please don’t feel ashamed.”

Whether or not you’re moving in with your partner, if you’re decorating your space and find yourself picking out some sage green pieces, as Avery said, you’re not alone.

It’s a great color, and even if it is popular right now, that doesn’t take away from its greatness.

FollowTheFlow – – illustrative purposes only

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