She Got Swallowed By Quicksand While Walking On A Beach, And Luckily, Her Husband Was Able To Save Her

Jo Ann Snover - - illustrative purposes only

Although nature is beautiful to look at and immerse yourself in, it can also pose various dangers to us.

While out on a walk along a beach with her husband, Jamie Acord suddenly found herself stuck in quicksand.

The couple had been at Popham Beach State Park in Phippsburg, Maine. It was the first report of someone encountering quicksand that covered more than just their feet at the beach.

Acord described the incident as if she were a rock that had “just dropped into a manhole cover.” She was waist-deep in the sand and was unable to get out of it.

Luckily, her husband managed to pull her out safely. She didn’t suffer from any injuries except for a few minor scrapes from the sand.

Her clothes were covered in sand that resembled wet cement. After she made it back home and changed out of her clothes, she decided to share her experience on social media to warn others about the dangers of quicksand and prevent similar incidents from happening in the future. It is especially risky for those who like to go to the beach alone.

According to Acord, this type of situation had never happened to her before, and she had visited that beach many times.

She and her husband had just been chatting about dinner when the ground beneath her feet gave way. Her legs were buried approximately 2.5 feet under the sand.

“And as soon as he pulled me out, we turned around to look to see what had occurred because we just assumed I’d fallen in an actual hole, and there was nothing there,” Acord told People. “It looked just like the beach. It had filled itself right back in.”

Jo Ann Snover – – illustrative purposes only

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