She Vanished After Reportedly Planning To Go On Vacation With Her Married Coworker In 2001

Facebook - pictured above is Patricia

In 2001, 29-year-old Patricia Adkins and her 7-year-old daughter lived together in Marysville, Ohio.

She and her ex-husband got divorced years prior, but they maintained an amicable relationship for their daughter.

Patricia had worked as a second-shift assembly line supervisor at the Honda of America automotive plant, located in Marysville, for 10 years and was reportedly up for a promotion.

At the same time, she’d reportedly been in an on-and-off relationship with one of her coworkers for years.

Patricia’s coworker was already married, but she reportedly told friends that he intended to leave his wife and be with her instead.

So, for three years, Patricia reportedly tried to help her coworker leave his wife. She allegedly gave him about $90,000 from her retirement account, savings, and loans since he claimed that, in order to separate from his wife, he needed enough money to buy out of a joint side business he and his wife had started together.

However, in late June 2001, Patricia vanished after supposedly leaving for a trip with her coworker – leaving her 7-year-old daughter behind and never returning home again.

That year, her employer – the Honda of America automotive plant – planned to have a “shutdown week” beginning after June 29 so employees could enjoy a vacation and celebrate the 4th of July.

So, Patricia reportedly told her loved ones that she would be going on a vacation with her coworker – possibly to a cabin in Canada – that week after finishing work on June 29.

Facebook – pictured above is Patricia

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