She Made A 911 Call Saying Someone Was Chasing Her Through The Woods And Then She Disappeared

Lauren called her mom at 2:04 in the afternoon on January 10th, 2019, and she seemed absolutely terrified.

She insisted on speaking with her three children, but Lauren’s mom reminded her that they were in school and not at home at that moment.

Lauren asked her mom to relay a message to her children. She said to tell her kids that she loved each and every one of them, before telling her mom that she loved her and she loved her dad.

Lauren then apologized to her mom, saying she was remorseful for everything she had put them through.

Facebook; pictured above Lauren smiles

Lauren then told her mom if she ever managed to get herself out of the situation she was in, she would stop doing drugs for good. She never elaborated more on what she meant.

Lauren’s mom was entirely certain she heard a man talking to Lauren in the background before the call ended.

Then, 20 minutes later, Lauren dialed 911 and she sounded very lost and confused.

Lauren spent 20 long minutes on the line with the operator, as she explained she was running through the woods as someone chased after her.

She also said that person was shooting at her while she ran. Her call abruptly cut off after her phone’s battery died.

Police were sent to her last known location, and as they made their way there they located Lauren’s car. It was found just west of Rockhill…in a ditch.

Facebook; Lauren is pictured above in a floral top

The search for Lauren took some time to get underway, as the area she disappeared from was under a significant amount of water at the time. Flooding in the area made it pretty near impossible to comb for clues.

Even without floodwaters, it’s not an easy area to walk in as it’s densely forested. Parts of the woods took several months to entirely dry out, but the police were able to recover some evidence.

None of that has yet been made public, but it has been made public that Lauren had been seen with three people on the day she vanished.

Police spoke to them, and one of those people is currently no longer alive. Of the other two, one man told them he and Lauren were out fishing when her car accidentally ended up in the ditch.

So, he left Lauren alone to head home and get another car. He maintains he never saw her after that as she had left her car and ran away into the woods.

Authorities are pretty positive that Lauren’s car ending up in the ditch was no accident though; they suspect someone ran Lauren right off the road due to the paint they found from another car scratched onto hers.

If you know anything about what happened to Lauren or where she is, please call the Panola County Sheriff’s Office at 903.693.0333.

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