She Had Just Gone On A Date When A Man Jumped Off A Parking Garage, Crushing Her

29-year-old Taylor Kahle lived in San Diego, California, and was just about to celebrate her 30th birthday with her closest friends and her dad.

She was very close with her dad and lived with him. She had a job she loved at a public relations agency. She had 2 rescue dogs she adored named Stella and Roo.

Sadly, her life was cut short at a time when she had so much going for her.

Taylor had recently met a man online that she seemed to like. 3 days ago, she got ready to go on a date with him.

This was their second date, and after they went out to get dinner together, they left the restaurant and were walking down the street in downtown San Diego.

As Taylor and her date walked down J Street and 10th Avenue, a man had climbed up to the 9th floor of a local parking garage.

This man jumped off the top of the parking garage as Taylor walked below him.

Twitter; pictured above is Taylor

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