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Teen With Rare Cancer Crosses The Finish Line Of A Race With Help From Her Teammates

“After 6 weeks in the ICU battling each day to train her body to sit, then to stand and to breathe without the aid of a ventilator, Yeva is back home continuing with treatments and work with many specialists.”

“She still needs a ventilator to support her breathing at night and a feeding tube to eat. Thankfully, Yeva’s tumor has shrunk to half the original size and tumor activity is significantly reduced.”

“Yeva and her family pray her brain will continue healing and she’ll be able to breathe, walk, and eat once again.”

“While Yeva has gone through all of this and more, she has never stopped caring about her friends and family and has never given up hope of recovery.”

So far, the Pledge It fundraiser has raised $21,474 to help Yeva.

Twitter; pictured above Yeva’s other teammates start to surround her and chant her name in support

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