Tesla Slams Into Patrol Car After Being Driven On Autopilot

Tesla first launched the Autopilot feature back in 2015. Since the launch, a website dedicated to collecting data on injuries and fatalities of the feature noted that there have been 17 accidents worldwide involving Autopilot.

Of those 17 accidents, 10 happened here in America and the rest were worldwide. There were also 6 total deaths involving Autopilot. 3 of those deaths occurred here and 3 were counted worldwide.

Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office; pictured above is another photo of the damage the Tesla did to the patrol car

In February of this year, the National Transportation Safety Board released a memo saying that Tesla’s Autopilot feature is a huge problem.

“Tesla is testing on public roads a highly automated technology but with limited oversight or reporting requirements,” it says in the document.

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