Toddler Dies After An Accident Happens While She’s On The Playground At Daycare

3-year-old Sophia Colleen Biver lived in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, along with her parents Matt and Wendy.

Matt and Wendy have already gone through the loss of 3 of their infant children, and now they’re coping with the loss of Sophia too.

“Sophia was always filled with joy that spread to so many people,” her obituary reads.

“She had a great imagination that amazed everyone. She touched so many people’s lives with her beautiful and fiery personality.”

“She enjoyed singing and dancing with her mom and dad, playing with her cousins and other friends, and spending her days with both sets of grandparents.”

10 days ago on May 10th, Sophia’s parents Matt and Wendy dropped her off at her daycare facility.

Sophia was playing on the playground at her daycare that day when all of a sudden she suffered a strange accident.

“There are many questions about what happened, and we’ve been asked not to share details as it is being investigated, as any accident is,” a Caring Bridge created for Sophia explained.

“At this time, we can say there was an accident at Sophie’s daycare on the playground.”

GoFundMe; pictured above is Sophia with her parents Matt and Wendy

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