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This 12-Year-Old Boy Saved His Friend’s Life When He Started Choking In School

At Liberty Middle School in Cumming, Georgia, 12-year-old Christian Swope attends the 6th grade.

Christian was sitting down to eat his lunch one Wednesday earlier this month when he noticed something was wrong.

One of Christian’s friends started choking, and this boy was not able to breathe.

A press release from the Newton County Schools says that Christian ran over to him and was able to successfully perform the Heimlich on his friend.

The food that his friend was choking on was dislodged, and he saved his friend’s life that day. The rest of the class stood up and clapped for Christian, calling him a “lifesaver.”

“My friend was choking and couldn’t breathe,” Christian said about his heroic efforts that day in school.

“My Auntie is a nurse and she taught us how to do CPR and the Heimlich so I wasn’t scared because I knew what to do.”

Christian’s aunt, Ms. Mercy Aguilar, is a nurse, and she’s the one who thought it would be important for him to learn the Heimlich, as well as CPR.

Newton County Schools; pictured above is Christian in the middle

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