Toddler Found Dead On A Softball Field By Someone Walking Their Dog And Now Her Mom Is Being Charged With Her Murder

It was September 13th, 2019, when the remains of a toddler were found on a softball field in Smyrna, Delaware.

A man who had been walking his dog in the area made the heartbreaking discovery of the little girl’s remains.

After authorities came out to investigate, they determined she had to have been dead for at least several weeks, but they had no idea who she was.

Authorities chose to name the little girl Baby Elle while they tried to piece together her real identity.

It would be over a year before there were answers in the case, and they were brought about after estranged family members reached out to the police.

Facebook; pictured above is Emma Grace Cole, who was identified last year as the little girl found in the softball field

Baby Elle was identified as 3-year-old  Emma Grace Cole in October of 2020 after her family members contacted authorities to tell them they were concerned for her.

Emma’s mom Kristie Haas had been lying to her family about where the little girl was, and they found out that Emma had not been living with Kristie and her husband Brandon Haas for more than a year.

“We would constantly call and text Kristie over many many years including this past year and she would either be evasive, lie, or completely ghost us,” one of Emma’s aunts wrote on Facebook.

“The day I heard Emma was no longer living with Kristie and Brandon, I was not satisfied with the reasons given as to why she wasn’t with Kristie and Brandon.”

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